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"Jackie is a gentle, brilliant teacher who helps to ignite the fire of the stories in your heart and give them wings."
Nita Whitaker LaFontaine
Singer, Actress, Founder The SAG Foundation's Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab


"The authentic voice I found in Jackie’s classes always surprised and amazed me, and my writer’s block would just disappear as soon as I stepped into her space.  Jackie creates the most powerful and supportive environments for emerging writers and her brilliantly crafted prompts always allowed me to dig into the corners of my soul in a way nothing else could.  Through Jackie I gained confidence as a writer and storyteller and consider her one of my most important soul guides and mentors."
Maria Egan

CEO Elemental Media, Board Member at Insight Meditation

"Jackie’s sensitive, wise teaching changes lives."
Bruce Joel Rubin
Academy Award-winning screenwriter,  Ghost


"The Power of Our Stories program is a gift in self-love, healing, inspiration, compassion, and creative expression. I have used this work both personally and professionally. This is not just a program for writers. It is a program for everyone, and the miraculous result is that everyone is a writer.  Jackie Is able to marry her years as a meditation teacher and writer, into a deeply powerful and safe space that brings forth miracles."
Kim Southerland

MA Educational Therapist

"Jackie’s workshops reach deeply into people’s lives to produce healing."
Ping Ho

Founder/Director, UCLA Arts and Healing UCLA Collaborative Centers for Integrative Medicine


"This group feeds my soul.  The people and the writings are awesome. I’ve been discovering my voice through this writing."

"Jackie’s ability to communicate and inspire touches the heart and the mind. Her insights support and expand the creative voice in each of her students. The workshops opened my creativity beyond the writing itself. They are a valuable resource not only for writing, but for personal expansion on many levels."
Annie Azzariti

Producer, Writer, Educator

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