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21 Days of Transformational Writing

A self-study course


21 Days of writing prompts introduced by short, inspiring talks about writing, giving you the practices and materials you need to:


  • Write the first draft of your memoir or novel

  • Explore your life

  • Deepen your self-understanding 

  • Use as self-healing tools

  • Empower yourself through your writing

  • Discover your hidden gifts

  • Write stories that illuminate the core of your being and give you joy

Adapted from Jackie Parker's acclaimed Power of Our Stories Workshops used by writers, hospitals, universities, people of all ages, backgrounds and experience to create powerful writing with ease and freedom.



Day 1

Beginning the Journey

Day 2

A Moment in Your Life that Deserves to be Honored

Day 3

Feeling Safe

Day 4


Day 5


Day 6

A Road Not Taken

Day 7

Your Lost Twin

Day 8

The History of Joy

Day 9


Day 10

The Life You Wish to Live

Day 11

An Unexpected Teacher

Day 12


Day 13

A River in Your Life

Day 17

Saying Thank You

Day 14  

A Beginning

Day 18

Standing Up for Yourself

Day 15

An Ending

Day 16

A Challenge

Day 19

Happiness Revised

Day 20

Your Unspoken Life

Day 21

An Unexpected Journey

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