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The Power of Our Stories


The Power of Our Stories is a method of writing that uses meditation, stream of consciousness writing, structured story prompts, and listening tools to create the optimum environment for people to discover their authentic voice and their most powerful subjects. 


Writers can use it to write a first draft of a book, but you don’t have to be a writer to do this work. The Power of Our Stories method lets people of all ages, backgrounds, and experience  write moving and powerful stories, share their inner world and the inner worlds of others, and  create strong community through writing and sharing their stories.


Sunday Morning Writers

8 weeks   $360  

9-10:30  AM Pacific   12-1:30PM Eastern 


Class Full 

Tuesday Writers 


10AM-11:30 Pacific

1-PM-2:30 Eastern


Wednesday Writers 

Hands-on revision and critique group.

Craft. Revise. Publish.

8 Weeks   $360

9AM-10:30 Pacific  12-1:30 Eastern

Community Workshop

Join people of all ages, backgrounds, languages in an online

weekly community story-writing workshop. Invite a friend!

Thursday 10:00 AM Pacific 1:00 PM Eastern

By Donation.

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