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Painted Stairs

We're living in a time of transition. Experiencing unparalleled challenges on the road to unparalleled change. Each crisis is showing us how affected we are by each other.

How do we use this time to become stronger, more aware, more compassionate and more connected?

Our stories can show us. Writing and sharing our stories lets us break through our separateness. The wisdom teachers tell us that separateness is an illusion.  

We are all connected.

The more we experience our connection the more hopeful and empowered we can be.

This is our chance to pay attention--to finally listen to what our stories have to tell us and be inspired by the beauty and wisdom they contain.


Our stories have been waiting to be told. 

In a Power of Our Stories Workshop You’ll Discover: 


  • Your authentic voice

  • Your ability to write moving and powerful stories 

  • Your authentic themes and subjects 

  • Safety and community 

  • The power of our stories to move us together into uncharted territory.

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